by Dennis Egge
President, Board of Directors
American Retirees Association

APRIL 2017 – NEW

It’s my understanding annuity law will require that the Pentagon’s blended military retirement system’ assets be divided at the time of divorce. Now, it seems Congress has thankfully broadened that concept to (prospectively) include the Pentagon’s traditional military retirement system’ jointly earned property assets; unless I am wrong, this amounts to California’s depublished Kniss v Kniss decision, in all 50 states. I am advised that North Carolina, and other states, are not currently in compliance with these new regulations.

Last month, our BOD: a. Approved my invitation to the Uniformed Services Association to affiliate with us. This allows them to continue representing their members’ interests in government, at as 501©19, regarding their traditional broad spectrum of issues, as we do, regarding USFSPA reform. We will both perform our parallel missions, as National Military Veterans Alliance member elegates; to learn more please visit their website uniformedservicesassociaton. org. b. Agreed to expand our RAD calendar to at least five events, in the next 12 months. Last October, we brought our full disclosure message to the NAS Pensacola RAD, where we were well received. We frequently visit Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, so that leaves three more. Any suggestions? If you provide the date, I’ll ask permission to bring our full disclosure message to your upcoming RAD. c. Certified the candidates we elected to serve another three year term as our directors. Thanks to them and our warm relationship with NMVA we were able to quietly advance our USFSPA reform agenda this year. We simply never give up; there are too many casualties to care for. d. After nearly 40 years at $25 per year, we were finally forced by financial reality to increase our annual dues to $30. Hopefully, this will not cause our members to end their relationship with us. We never give up, you know.

At your service,
Dennis Egge,

ARA National President     January 2009 When the US Supreme Court struck down California’s self-proclaimed right to divide Uniformed Service Personnel retired from active duty pay as jointly earned property, on 26 June 1981, the dissenting Justices advised the 97th Congress “this (decision) could create some hardships”. That admonition amounted to an opportunity the 97th Congress simply could not refuse. The 97th Congress’ Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act (USFSPA) mandate encouraged State jurisdictions, where community property principles are pursued, aggressively, in divorce, by including Uniformed Service Personnel in the target audience, effective, 25 June 1981. . . . . While the target audience calls for USFSPA repeal, their spouses openly stalk, ambush and abuse them in family court, with Congress’ approval. Am I the only one who can imagine how ineffective USFSPA would become, if all targeted personnel were thoroughly trained and equipped to deal effectively with this clear and present threat? Armed with that information they will make informed choices, regarding their nation’s call to arms as a profession, while married. If their employers will not provide this urgently needed training, I believe our Charter demands it.

Still serving proudly,
Dennis Egge; President, BOD